Powerful Video Ranking

The impact of video is far beyond just ranking. You have the chance to connect on an emotional level with your audience. Emotion is the number one factor for any decision making. With video, you can employ visuals, voice, even music tones, and most importantly a face. It’s all about building trust and video gives your business an opportunity to shine.

Four Reasons from Forbes

#1: The Fusiform Facial area makes us pay attention to faces – this is an actual brain function that hard-wires us to use the human face as a gathering point for information and believability.

#2: Voice conveys rich information – yes, the simple sound of a human voice speaking to us has an amazing way of converting information into meaningful content.

#3: Emotions are contagious – here’s a subtle but powerful aspect that we may take for granted. The body language of emotions is an appealing and we naturally love to share.

#4: Movement grabs attention – another trait that runs deep in our collective anthropological DNA is the power of peripheral motion. Since the stone age, we’ve survived by noticing things in motion – looks like we still do!

“Video has the highest click-through rate of all digital ad formats”
– Business Insider

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You can double your search traffic by having a video thumbnail in your search result. Of course! The visual element. It might sound minor, but it's not. It works. Visitors will stay two minutes longer on your site if you have video. With so much focus on Google and Facebook, sometimes we forget about Youtube video ranking. It's ranked the third most visited site globally. By utilizing video we can tap into this massive traffic source while still gunning for the first-page organic rankings.